What is a giveaway on Youtube?

Owner of youtube channel give some reward to their viewer and subscribers. The REWARD can be any product or paytm cash or something else. It totally depends on them that they really want to give or not. Sometime  may be  they are making fool because no one want to give anything to any UNKNOWN person without any relationship.

What is giveaway?

Technically speaking, when you hear the term ‘giveaway’, you should think of it as a promotional drawing where a prize is given away to a participant chosen from a pool of entries at random. A giveaway in this case is referred to as a ‘sweepstakes’. With that said, RewardAway is a software platform that allows you to run & manage a sweepstakes promotion.
Artistically speaking, a giveaway is a fun way to grow your audience while giving back to your fans.
It’s important to note there is no monetary charge for an entrant to participate in a sweepstake, which is why you’ve probably seen the associated with giveaways you’ve entered.